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Antioch IL Truck Financing

Antioch, Illinois Commercial Truck Driver Shortages About Pre-Approvals and Financing Truck Loans

Illinois Commercial Truck driver shortages

Companies all over Illinois and the USA are running short on commercial truck drivers. To put it into perspective, there are an estimated 50,000 drivers needed. To top that off, the number of needed Illinois drivers is only rising. Like many jobs, the pay of commercial drivers pay follows the economic ups and downs. This may be the primary variable for the 90% turnover rate with a lot of Illinois trucking companies.

First year in the commercial and industrial trucking business

Sad to see but most drivers quit in their first year in the business. There are a few exceptions to this rule.

One of these examples is the trend in local drivers. Local drivers tend to have much lower turnover, allowing them to be with their families at night. This is comparison to the long weeks away from that national trips might require.

Large companies that create a family atmosphere tend to pay more and get more out of their drivers.

Which Illinois companies are best for truckers to work for?

Many larger companies, such as UPS and FEDEX, are great examples of 'driver friendly' commercial transportation companies. In addition to the different types of trucking jobs and industries available to you, technology is also quickly evolving the way truckers carry out their short and long hauls.

The advancements in technology are making the Illinois truck drivers safety an enormously bigger priority. Most trucks now have safety features to reduce driver fatigue, how transported deliveries are made, the current geographical positions system(GPS) location, monitoring driving logs, mechanical equipment while the truck is working out in the field, and much more!

So what does all of this mean for Illinois drivers and the current truck driver shortages?

To sum it all up, the Illinois truck driver shortages are a huge benefit to anyone looking to join the trucking industry. The demand for drivers has never been higher, and the shortage in truck drivers is only becoming more severe.

Bottom line drivers need to keep getting better and the income will keep rising as the demand continually grows and the shortage becomes more severe. Now is one of the best times in history to become a Antioch, Illinois commercial driver. So, let's get trucking!


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