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Really Good News For Ogunquit Truck Drivers in 2017. What should Maine Truckers Expect in 2017? About Pre-Approvals and Financing Truck Loans

Ogunquit, Maine Truck buyers....REALLY GOOD NEWS for early 2017!

Pricing is still depressed, and the oversupply of used sleepers continues to dictate the prices. That being said, the demand looks to be headed towards improving mildly. Why? Well, the uncertainty of the presidential election had an effect on the prices of trucks. Yes, that includes trucks in Ogunquit or even in all of Maine. Not though, the economy is beginning to reestablish. After all, taxes are supposed to be going way down. So since all of the presidential election mess is behind us the future is looking really bright.

Buying Trucks in Ogunquit looks good in 2017

Another advantage to truck buyers in 2017 is the addition of regulatory rollbacks being placed on the table.

This means that a great addition to your inventory in 2017 may be sleeper tractors.

Buying Ogunquit Sleeper Tractors through Auction or Wholesale
- You may want to look into obtaining your own Ogunquit sleeper tractor through wholesale. This would lower the prices. MEH is still tracking the 2011-2013 model years as our benchmark group of Maine sleeper tractors. 2014's will start coming available in the used truck market and could be a great buy for used truck buyers.

Buying Through Auctions

Although wholesale would warrant a great bargain, auction buying may not fair so well in 2017....

That being said, there are a few advantages of buying your Maine sleeper through a local Ogunquit trucking auction.
Sleeper on sale prices will be:

  • Prices in 2013 averaged $26,247
  • Prices will be lower than the average of 2012 - $27,895 average
  • Prices will be higher than December 2011 Prices - $24,868 average - but will be lower than the December Price avg. of that year.

In 2015
- The average sleeper sold was two months newer - Had 35,018 fewer miles - And was brought for $11,016 less money.

The Pricing for the more instructive three to five year-old groups dropped notably to close out the year of 2016.

The forecast for later in 2017 is a possible uptrend in truck values. This means buying now, while Ogunquit sleeper trucks are still cheap, will be your best option. Bottom line get it while you can, because the trucking industry could heat up later this year. Good luck and good truckin!!


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