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Kenworth is an American & Australian Trucking Manufacturer who specializes in medium and heavy-duty class eight commercial trucks. Known for their high quality industrial vehicles, Kenworth bases their corporate offices in Kirkland, Washington. This is apart of the United States and a suburb of Seattle, Washington. Kenworth is a subsidiary division of Paccar, and used to be a manufacturer of other transportation vehicles: primarily transit buses and school buses.

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The History of Kenworth

The history of Kenworth Trucks began in Oregon. More precisely, Portland, Oregon. It all started in the year of 1912. Founded by two brothers, George T. Gerlinger and Louis Gerlinger, Junior, Kenworth was initially started as a car and truck dealership. However, the name wasn't always Kenworth. Instead, the brother decided to name their dealership Gerlinger Motor Car Works. The company stayed this way until the year of 1914, when they decided to expand from their roots. The expansion started with the brothers' decision to build the powerful Inline Six-Cylinder Engine. In making this decision, they took their first step into the industrial trucking business. It was also the first ever inline six-cylinder engine every put into a commercial truck. Unveiled in 1915, the first Commercial Kenworth Truck was known as The Gersix. Offering the following benefits, The Gersix offered the following benefits.

  • Structural Steel Frame
  • A lot of power
  • Extremely durable for the times

The Kenworth truck's durability, power, and frame made it an ideal industrial vehicle for the logging business in the Northwestern area of the United States.

Current Langlois Kenworth Truck Models

United States and Canada Kenworth Models as of August of 2016

North American Kenworth models include the T680 (60% of new sales), T880 (near 30%), T660, T800B and W900 (sharing the remaining ~10%).

Current Products
As of November 2015, Kenworth's US and Canada product line includes:

Class 8 Conventional Kenworth Models

W900 and variants

  • W900B: extended Day Cab or AeroCab sleeper
  • W900L: long-cabin variant (130 inches long from bumper to back-of-cab)
  • W900S: sloped hood
  • ICON900, a limited-edition premium version, introduced in 2015.

T800 and variants

  • T800H, a High Hood variant;
  • T800W, which bears a wider grille, to accommodate a bigger radiator, for severe on-highway applications.

- T660 (Production will cease at the end of 2016 for year model 2017, due to the sales success of the T680)
- T680
- T880
- C500B (Off Highway)

Langlois Kenworth Medium-Duty Cabovers

  • T470 (Class 7)
  • T440 (Class 7)
  • T370 (Class 7)
  • T270 (Class 6)
  • T170 (Class 5)

Langlois Kenworth Medium-Duty Cabovers

  • K370 (Class7)
  • K270 (Class6)

Discontinued Oregon Kenworth Products

Class 8 Conventional

  • T600/T600A/T600B (1985-2006, replaced by the T660)
  • T450
  • C850
  • T700 (2011-2014, due to the sales success of the T680)
  • T2000 (1996-2010, replaced by the T700)
  • LW900
  • W925 needle nose Like W900, with narrower grill-some with butterfly hoods. Production ended around 1962.


  • K100/K100E/K136E
  • K184
  • K330
  • L700 (now Peterbilt 320)
  • LCF (210)
  • 993

Model Number Information From Wikipedia

Langlois, Oregon Kenworth Commercial Trucks Conclusion

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