Are you on the search for a used semi trailer truck, tractor-trailer, or heavy duty semi-truck? Do you know what commercial haulers are good for your given niche industry or job? Today we are going to cover several types of used semi-trailer truck options to help you become a highly educated semi truck invester. Before we begin though, I wan't to share both my friend and my own thoughts about investing in semi trucks and, ultimately, your future.

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Investing in our futures can be an extremely challenging thing for any commercial truck driver to do. After all, any investment brings some calculated risks along with it; I have learned this first hand.

Three years ago, I was having an extremely in depth conversation with one of my close friends about sacrificing ambition for security. I had passed up an opportunity to take an investment, even though it looked like an extremely amazing opportunity.

The opportunity involved buying and selling semi truck trailers in bulk(wholesale buying and selling). The successful trucker we were going to do business with was retiring. Since his trucking life was coming to a successful end, we were offered an extremely generous deal. Yet, my natural instincts kicked in and I opted out at the last second. I would later come to find out that, if I would have made the investment, I would have profited a cold $750,000 from the commercial trucking deal.

Although that was a somewhat larger scale than the average trucking deal, the concept is all the same. I was more scared of losing than I was excited for becoming the best that I could be. I was focused on not losing instead of being focused on what is really important, adding true value and winning. So, I want you to ask yourself if you are ready to start climbing the ladder of success in your own life. My hope is that I can convince as many people as possible to avoid the trap of false security, and instead do what you are meant to do: improve, get better, and add value. I was fortunate to have had a friend point me in the direction of success and away from the fear of losing. The next time I was presented with an opportunity to invest in myself I took it. It was the biggest deal of my entire life. The truth is we know...


Deep down, we all know we want more for ourselves and our families. We know the only way to truly achieve our dreams is by taking a calculated risk and investing in ourselves.

I once had a friend that told me investing in a commercial truck and adding in the trailer is similar to investing in a house.

I asked him, "How is investing in a commercial truck similar to investing in a house?"

My good freind Lenny told me, "A house keeps your family safe and secure. That is an investment that is worth it. Trucks are extremely similar. To enter into the transportation industry often times requires a good sized investment. That investment is an investment in your future though. I'll never forget how one of my closest friends described trucking to me. I loved how he described it so much that I asked if he would right down exactly what he said so I could post it on one of our trucking articles. Much to the fortune of all of us, Lenny agreed.

So, here is how my close friend, Lenny, described trucking.

"When I initially invested in my first truck, I felt like I was investing in something so much bigger than myself. I vividly remember looking at those reflective silver keys as they boastfully bounced the rays of the sun out out to the world: A Feeling Of Pure Empowerment.

I wasn't just investing in some semi-truck

- I was investing in my future
- I was investing in my family
- I was investing in their future

That is why I loved investing into that first truck so much. That moment represented the first time I believed I could achieve the future that I truly wanted for my family. Today, that future has become a realization. After learning to invest in myself, I was able to do it again and again. Today, I own over 550 commercial trucks as well as an extremely successful transportation business. I was able to provide my daughter all of the funds she needed through medical school and soon I will be able to take my son on as my second in command. One day he will take the mantle from me and run the business without me. My wife has the house of her dreams, my kids both admire my personal investment in myself and have learned to invest in themselves, and I am undoubtably the happiness man on the planet. The reason I loved investing in that first trailer truck so much is because that moment represented my dream and my investment in myself as well as my family."

- Lenny T.

The truth Lenny showed me, and then repeatedly nailed into my thoughts, is that most people never invest in themselves or their futures because they are scared of failure. I genuninely hope that Lenny's story urges you to invest in yourself like he did. I truly love the trucking industry our industry offers up an amazing platform where we have, and will continue to see, the the real life American Dream. The hardest part is the original investment of trucks and trailers. After that, your success is purely dependent on how hard you are willing to work. You can make a really good truckers salary without working your way up, but I encourage you to reinvest in yourself and your future more than just this first time. If you do, one day you will have everything you have ever wanted from this world and more. Lenny taught me that, and I promise you, he wasn't wrong about any of it.

Above all, I want to get this point across:
- Investing in a used semi-truck or tractor trailer can be a pivotal stepping stone towards a financially secure future:

  • If you know what to look for
  • You know what your intended use of the semi-truck trailer

How To Look For Used Trucks and Trailers For Sale Article Primary Topics

Now, that Lenny has said his peace let's get on to the bulk of our Used Trucks and Trailers For Sale article.

We will begin by introducing our primary topics:

  • Semi-trucks vs. semi-trailers vs. 18-wheelers vs. Big Rigs vs. Tractor-trailers
  • Used Trailer Types
  • Dry Van Trailers
  • Refrigerator or Reefer tractor trailers
  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Dump Truck Beds and Trailers
  • Conclusion

What is a semi-trailer truck?

- Theres a multitude of different names people use when referencing commercial vehicles. For example, a truck may be called an eighteen-wheeler, Big Rig, semi, tractor-trailer, and trailer-truck or any number of other names. They are often used ambiguously or interchangably. Is there a difference between the name? More importantly, will this differences have an impact on you and your search for a used truck?

The Answer Is Yes.

Although harmless in everyday conversation, if you are on the hunt for used semi-trucks you will definitely want to know the slight differences.


- Probably the most common name, semi-trucks are pretty self explanatory. They are a semi part of the entire vehicle. More precisely, the semi-truck is the motorized section of the vechicle. This motorized portion of the vechicle has to be able to connect to either a trailer or freight to be considered a semi-truck.

Eighteen Wheeler

Eighteen wheelers are commercial trucks that have at least 18 wheels. This name does a pretty quality job of describing itself.

Big Rigs

- When a trucker, or anyone else for that matter, references a big rig, they are basically referencing any industrial truck. Big Rigs are usually considered more generic. That being said, some people will reference extremely heavy duty vechicles such as mining trucks as big rigs. But, the term big rig is not technically defined as such.


- A semi-trailer is the other half of the semi-truck. Although often referred to as the entire truck, semi-trailers are technically only the non-motorized section of the commercial vehicle.


- A tractor-trailer references the entirety of the commercial truck. The vechicle becomes a tractor-trailer when you combine the semi-truck with the semi-trailer. Together, they make up a completed tractor-trailer.

So there you go; that was the quick rundown covering different verbiages used to describe commercial vehicles. Hopefully that helps you a little bit on your search for used trailers and semi-trucks. Next, we are going to cover different several different types of niche trailers you may want to look into.

Different kinds of used commercial trailers

inside of used refrigerator or reefer trailer

Refrigerator Trucks or Reefer Trucks and Trailers

Used Refrigerator Trucks and Trailers

A refrigerator truck can be either a van or a truck. These bad boys are designed to haul items that have expiration dates on them. You may want to consider a used refrigerator trailer truck if you are planning on hauling foods or agricultural type products.

These refrigerated trucks come in several different types; you can find anything from simple insulation trucks to more complex vehicles that are actually fitted with an entire cooling apparatus.

If your used refrigerator trailer-truck happens to utilize a more complex refrigeration system it will use one of the following cooling processes:

  • Small Diesel Engine Powered Refrigeration Systems
  • Liquidated Carbon Dioxide or Dried Ice
  • Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Units

If you are planning on taking your refrigerator semi-truck for the long distance hauls then you will want to consider the fuel cell auxiliary power units setup. It is very good at it is job of cooling transported products and has a cool name.

Dry Van Trailers

Used Dry van trailers do not have a fuel cell auxiliary power unit setup, but they will get the job when it comes to non-temperature sensitive transports. These Freight Trailers are what comes to mind when you think of average semi-trailer. Dry Van Trailers come in several different sizes, setups, and weights.

Used Flatbed Trailers

used flatbed tractor trailer semi-truckss with white background

Used Flatbed Trucks and Trailers

Flatbed Trailers are used by semi-trucks to haul items that are either over-sized or not sensitive to weather. You may want a flatbed trailer if you are transporting something like a factory made home or parts of an airplane. Flatbeds often include removable side racks or straps for securing your payload.

Used flatbed trailers aren’t quite as common as dry van trailers, but flatbed trailer-trucks are required for a lot of more lucrative transportation hauls. You may want to look into used flatbed trailers if you want to truck houses and airplanes around.

Dump Trucks and Semi-End Tractor Trailers

Used Dump Trucks For Sale. Heavy duty dump trailer and semi-end dump trucks picture of dumping trailer and industrial vechicle

Used Dump Truck For Sale Tips

Used dump trucks will have a pretty heavy duty dump trailer. In most cases, dump trucks will come with trailers that have an open-box bed. This bed is normally hinged at the rear end of the industrial vehicle and equipped with hydraulic pistons to lift the front end. This mechanical setup allows your used dump truck to do what it does best: to dump whatever needs to be dumped. You may want to invest in a used dump trailer-truck if you are transporting loose materials for construction type jobs.

Another type of used dump truck is a semi-end trailer dump truck. A semi-end dump truck is a tractor-trailer combo that utilizes the actual trailer as the hydraulic hoist.

I wish you the best of luck in finding your used semi-truck or tractor trailer!

I genuinely hope we were able to give you some quality advice about finding used tractor-trailers. We wanted to go over the differences between the commonly mixed up trucker jargon as well as cover some different types of used tractor trailers you may want to look into. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call! MEH Trucks and Trailers provides truckers of all niches and locations with free financing consultation. Good luck finding a used semi-trailer truck and we wish you the best of luck towards the road to your future.

To learn more about semi-trucks and tractor-trailers check out this wikipedia page

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